Asus ROG GX800 Review

Asus ROG GX800 Review

Most Probably the Craziest Laptop till Date

Finally the Asus ROG GX800 conveys to gamers genuine work area level execution with a gaming journal. Since gaming PCs produce a ton of warmth, this remarkable gaming machine is fluid cooled to an impressive degree.

Asus ROG GX800 Design and Features

The Asus GX800 is a pioneer as in it is the primary PC to enter the commercial center highlighting an unbelievable 18.4" 4K screen that is all around strengthened with the most recent G-Sync show innovation from Nvidia. To put it plainly, it would appear that the GX800 is out to end up the ground-breaking most gaming workstation on the planet.

Fluid Cooling

The Asus GX800 likewise accompanies a separable fluid cooling arrangement just as gives a lot of casing increment, should you wish to exploit every one of these highlights. Asus' Thermo Hydro Clocking gives the whole framework a chance to tap the intensity of its Nvidia GTX 980 to its fullest degree to touch base at 1,428MHz recurrence while never overheating. Going even past this, the fluid cooling framework gives alternate parts of the GX800 a chance to pick up its ideal potential. Accordingly the compelling processor can get timed up to an astounding 4.4GHz with the memory maximizing at 2,800MHz.

The New Keyboard

Another additional component of this gaming machine is that it accompanies an out and out new mechanical console, that Asus structured directly from the nuts and bolts by methods for their protected MechTAG switches, just in general arrangement of RGB LED lights properly installed. This gives it a mechanical vibe. It is in actuality another kaleidoscopic console that gives you a chance to change and modify the console backdrop illumination, on a key by key premise. It is likewise furnished with an enemy of ghosting innovation so as to keep your keystrokes from falling along the splits while you are performing multi-key directions. Since it is a totally new kind of console, the MechTAG console or the Mechanical Tactile Advanced Gaming console is as a rule calibrated by Asus to make it immaculate all around.

All things considered, the Asus ROG GX700 is a progressed and refreshed variant of its forerunner the GX800.This workstation which is viewed as the best gaming machine ever accompanies a double GPU together with an amazing opened Intel processor. The machine has improved greater and changes inside with a few equipment redesigns. The GX800 is as of now amazingly ground-breaking with its work area review Nvidia GTX 980. As though this isn't sufficient, Asus presents a second GPU together with Intel Core i7 K processors. This second GPU generally renders 2 x graphical execution when contrasted with its antecedent the GX700.

Obviously, the Asus ROG GX800 with all its capacity swallowing, goes through a great deal of vitality as well. Truth be told this gaming workstation requires two 330 watt control supplies, in this manner spending about indistinguishable measure of vitality from any mid-extend PC work area.


The Asus ROG GX800 gaming workstation with its fluid cooled plan, propelled hardware, incredible processor and 4K show push the gaming levels to until now unreached statures by any compact gaming machine.

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