Wowstick A1 Electric Screwdriver - You Deserve the Best

Wowstick A1 Electric Screwdriver - You Deserve the Best
For nerds, a great screwdriver is of the embodiment. Be that as it may, right now, cell phones and workstations accompany such a large number of screws. In this manner, it's hard to physically screw down every one of them one by one. In the event that there is a programmed screwdriver, everything would be decent. Indeed, with this Xiaomi electric screwdriver, Wowstick 1fs, all these past manual screwdrivers can be discarded. Furthermore, presently, how about we check this curiosity in detail.


Wowstick-1fs is bundled with a rectangular cardboard. What's more, the item box resembles a common glasses case. At the base of the case, there is the producer's data. Lying within, there are 18 kinds of screwdriver bits and the electric screwdriver.

Item Features

Wowstick 1fs accompanies a thin S2 aluminum composite lodging body with pen shape plan, which makes it simple to utilize. What's more, the ultra-exactness adaptable circuit configuration guarantees a long lifetime. The USB port charging configuration gives the sufficient power convenient. Furthermore, the LED shadowless lighting with autonomous switch configuration offers clear vision when you utilizing.

Outfitted with the attractive board, Wowstick 1fs holds the screws taking off from the fixing things, without any screws lost. In the meantime, the programmed task configuration guarantees high working effectiveness. This gadget bolsters multi-capacities, including screwing, penetrating, and stringing, and satisfies your distinctive working needs in day by day fixing.

Worked in 2 batteries, it's formally said that the battery can keep going for 8-24 hours. As a rule, you can supplant the battery each three days. However, I recommend that you can endeavor to utilize battery-powered batteries for setting aside some cash and more eco-accommodating.

Examination with Wowstick 1f

Contrasted with its ancestor, Wowstick 1f, 1fs is moved up to the entire aluminum body and expanded by the shadowless LED light source. With respect to the extension part, all groups are made of imported S2 composite steel. What's more, the item box is additionally improved. The outside of the crate can be cleaned and the interior magnet structure is fortified. Also, the platen spread within coating is join.


By and large, Wowstick 1fs is a decent screwdriver. Contrasted and most manumotive screwdriver at present available, it performs better in doing work. With a weight of 166g, it isn't overwhelming and feels great while being held. The activity is likewise helpful and simple. In case you're a nerd or PC upkeep staff, you merit this Xiaomi Wowstick 1fs. What's more, I believe it would be a decent aide in your every day life.

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